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vtu portal script
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vtu portal with php script

vtu portal will be created in different ways and using different languages with vtu portal source codes or free vtu portal script you can also create vtu website. The script use to create the portal is mostly PHP script some other programming languages that are commonly use is python Django framework and node js.

What are the problems of vtu portal php script?

vtu portal script

Most of the people are searching Google to find vtu script free download link for them to use, this is a big mistake because good thing never come easy.

Most of free script you can find on the internet are not secure, some are made by some untrusted developers as a trap with bunch of tracking codes in it, the more you install it on your server they will be notified and gain access to your admin area were they can be able to steal your capital.

So the best practices is to find a trusted developer that can design Vtu site for you. Some times you can find some script for sale on vtu portal creator website which will not meet your requirement and you will still need the developer to customize it for you which will cost you the same amount it will cost for hiring a developer to create the portal for you from scratch.

With these, we can say that it’s not a wise choice to purchase PHP script online and start your vtu business with it, and even buying vtu script for your vtu website is not secure as the script is exposed to public so everyone can modify to see the technics use in the script. These will make it easier for exploitation.

What are the right ways to get secure vtu website?

vtu portal script

The right way to get secure site for vtu business is to meet a trusted developer, one among the others we will suggest is His Grace highweb tech or by contacting us via our contact page  so that we will build a rubost site for you.

What are the benefits of hiring a developer?

Hiring a developer is very profitable in many ways, some of these ways may include the following:


vtu portal script

If you have a standard developer, your website will be maintained by him and any security bleach that will come out from your site will be tackle by his as he be securing his work so that you and your users will trust his work which will raise him up as a trusted developer.


vtu portal script


Any body have a personal idea and wills in business, if you wanted to meet your personal requirement in vtu website, this can only be done customly by hiring a developer and describing the desire features to him so that he works it out. It’s only a developer that will bring all your dreams to live.


vtu portal script

If you wanted to start a business, you need to come out with creativity that will draw users attention this will only be possible by hiring a developer. But a public script that can be downloaded using Google search or online purchase will not do this.

Were to download free vtu script?

Downloading free vtu script is very easy and simple, on forums like nairaland and some other public websites and we will provide one here in this tutorial for demonstration purpose.

Best vtu websites that offer good api prices

Api connections is the best way to maintain vtu business, this is because of the cost of data subscriptions and other maintenance that need money like sim connection. Websites that offer good api packages with lower price include datacompus, Superjara, thechosendata,etc.

Our free vtu script download

As we have promise, there is a package we will provide for free download in our tutorial, we have provide this script purposely for practical purposes not for commercial use. Any body that intended to use this free script for vtu business is on his own risk. You can download it here


In this tutorial we have learnt that vtu business portal will be created in different ways including using free PHP script and hiring a developer to do it for you.

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How can one access the admin panel

Check database from php my admin for admin access

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