this new way to buy mtn 2gb 200 will surprise you

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To buy mtn 2gb 200 is very cheaper data plan you will ever see at the moment.

Buying data is a necessity for modern smartphone users, that’s why we are trying to bring you easy ways to buy cheap data.

This is also a new method that have appeared recently which is will help mtn customers to enjoy discount offer like never before.

There’s many people out there with some secrets to buy data bundles at low cost, buy they’re not willing to share the experience with other.

In this tutorial we are haito share this new method of buying mtn 2gb 200 that we believe as a cheapest data plan that there’s no any other like it, i hope you will find the tutorial helpful.

What is Mtn Sme Data Plan?

Mtn Sme Data Plan Is data plan provided by mtn to the small scale and medium entrepreneurs. It’s design to help small traders to resell to their customers.

Data bundle like this mtn 2gb 200 is also part of mtn sme data plan.

The only difference is that, this data plan is designed for individual users not for commercial purposes.

How To Buy Mtn 2Gb 200?

this new way to buy mtn 2gb 200 will surprise you

Buying Mtn 2Gb 200 is very simple, all you need to do is to dial *460*600# and follow prompt to complete the subscription.

Before you can give it a try, make sure that you have airtime of 200 naira in your account balance.

Even though it’s SME data type, buy you will see a message telling you that you have successfully purchased learning bundle.

Buy you don’t need to worry about that, it’s all fine since you have no usage limitation on it.

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What Is The Validity Period Of This Data plan?

This data plan is valid for one week, and the subscription is repeatable.

But this data plan work more better on 3G network.

If you experience malfunction of data please switch airplane mode and turn it off.

If you have any other questions regarding to this or any other data plan subscription, please feel to contact us.


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