New way to buy mtn 4gb for 500 will blow your mind

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The process to buy mtn 4gb for 500 is mtn pulse educational bundle that comes in a cheaper rate.

We have provided different codes for different MTN offers that enable users to buy mtn data bundle in a cheaper rate, in this post we are going to bring you new codes aswell.

Who Is Eligible For MTN 4Gb for 500

Mtn 4gb for 500 is a data plan offered by MTN to their pulse subscribers only. If you are not on mtn mpulse and not willing to migrate don’t try this codes.

The reason for advising those who are not on mtn mpulse and not willing to migrate to the plan for not to give the codes try is that, you will be migrated to mtn mpulse by dialing the codes to buy mtn 4gb for 500.

Codes To Mtn 4Gb For 500

To subscribe to this amazing plan dial *344*2#. Click on option 1 if you have been promoted with many options.

Choose the option 4 that say buy mtn 4gb for 500 and proceed.

After selecting this you will be able to complete the transaction successfully, but make sure you have upto ₦500 airtime in your account balance.

Congratulations that you have successfully purchase mtn 4gb for 500 which will last for 30days, now it’s time to check for other options such as checking the data balance.

How To Check The Data Balance Of This Offer

After purchasing your data plan you may need to check the remaining data while in use.

There are different ways to check your data balance,

To do so there are two ways or options available as follows:

  • Dial *344# and select option 2 which says View Bundle Balance.
  • You can also dial *344*2*2# to check your bundle balance with out going through a long and delaying process.

Is Mtn 4Gb For 500 General Data Plan?

According to mtn, this plan is not design to browse all the internet, it’s design to browse educational sites only.

Some mtn customers have testify that the bundle can browse all the internet as general data did.

But according to mtn it’s educational data plan that is able to browse only specific educational sites.

To see the eligible sites list dial *344*2*3# or dial *344*2# and select 3.

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