New way to activate mtn 2gb for 500 instantly

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The New way to activate mtn 2gb for 500 has been a big opportunity to escape from buying the boring data plan that cost much of airtime for mtn users.

Sometimes you may need to buy mtn data bundle but you may have low airtime balance in your simcard and willing to buy mtn data that will do much for you in a lower rate.

In this post we are going to give you a method to activate mtn 2gb for 500.

Which Tariff Plan Is Eligible For Mtn 2gb For 500

There’s a data plan for mtn pulse user which is similar to mtn 2gb for 500, but in this post we are sharing something different that is not specific for some tariff plans.

The Eligibility for enjoying mtn 2gb for 500 is havy mtn sim card that is active for at least 2 to 4 months.

Your tariff plan doesn’t matter in as your simcard is active for upto that period we have mentioned above.

How Can I Activate Mtn 2.5gb For 500

New way to activate mtn 2gb for 500

Activation of mtn 2gb for 500 is in different ways, the simplest way to do the activation is by downloading My Mtn App on playstore or app store for Iphone users and then follow the below steps:

  • Download My Mtn App from app store, or Google play store  and login with your phone number or email address.
  • Scroll down to the option which you see Mega Deal and click on it.
  • Scroll down to the hot deals and scratch the first or second deal.
  • You will see an offer to buy mtn 2.5gb for 500, click on buy now to proceed to the next step.
  • Scroll down and click on proceed to pay button to proceed to the payment page.New way to activate mtn 2gb for 500
  • In this window you will see three options available for payment, just choose your desire payment method to proceed to the next step. If you have upto ₦500 in your airtime balance you can choose pay with airtime, else you need to choose from the two remaining options.
  • If you choose pay with momo PSB this means that you will with your momo PSB account if you have one or have upto 500 naira in it.
  • If you choose option three which is pay with bank, here you will see alot of options to choose from under pay with bank option.New way to activate mtn 2gb for 500
  • As we can see from the above screenshot, there’s upto six payment options under pay with bank. Momo PSB have appear here for the second time, but if you choose transfer you will be provided with a virtual account number which you will copy and make a transfer to it from any bank you are using.
  • After transfer is successful wait for few seconds like 30 seconds and come back to My Mtn App and click on i made transfer, mtn will verify the transfer and active your mtn 2.5 gb for 500 successfully.
  • If you choose cards, mtn will provide a secured page for you to add your card details to debit and finish your subscription.
  • If you choose USSD, they will take you to the next page with drop down list of banks, select your bank and dial the provided codes to make payment. After payment is successful they will verify and credit your simcard with the data.
  • If you choose NQR which is the last option they will provide you with QR code which you will scan to complete the subscription.

Note that this data plan is valid for only 2days, if you are looking for a data plan that will last for more than that period please head to our tutorial on Fow To Buy Mtn tn 2bg For 200.

With the above step by step guide i know everyone can buy mtn 2gb for 500 without any confusion or complications.

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