New sites to buy data at cheaper rate 2023

New sites to buy data at cheaper rate 2023
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New sites to buy data in a cheaper price are always emerging, but the big problem is matter of awareness.

If you never come across one of them, you will not be aware of their kindness.

In this post we are going to provide some new vtu sites to buy data in a cheaper price.


Smartspeeddata is one of the new sites to buy data in a cheaper rate. Our much concern is on consistency and reliability.

To buy data in a cheaper price on smartspeed you need to sign up with them.

Their MTN sme data is as low as 217 per 1 gigabyte, the amount sound good sme lovers.

They also have good price for Mtn corporate gifting and Airtel data.

New sites to buy data at cheaper rate 2023

Buying data on superjara is very easy and silly. This website is very legit in terms of durability and trustworthy.

Their data price ranging from mtn Sme and corporate gifting are in chipper rate.

Airtel corporate gifting on superjara is 375 while mtn Sme is 217.

Superjara has been serving people for a long period of time without having any issue.

They have a native App for Android users, which is very easy to operate.

It may also be possible for them to have their on app store for Iphone users.

Superjara application is very native with easy to use friendly user interface with flexibility.


This is another vtu website with different features, in husmodata you are able to buy data card and data coupon.

When it comes to data coupon, this is the best website to place your order and enjoy it without having any issue.

They also have mtn Sme Data Plan, buy their price is the same with the above sites.

We have been working with husmodata for at least 2 years, we have never had a problem with them.

We know that they are legit in business and we can recommend it to our visitors.

Coupon data is a new data package that is not available on many vtu website, but it’s available on husmodata with affordable price.


Sweetvtu is another new sites to buy data in a cheaper price, they come up with very affordable rate for the benefits of their customers.

Their MTN sme data plan is 215, which is very cheaper price you can enjoy on the internet.

We have never work with this vtu website before, so we can’t give you guarantee of anything regarding to this site.

This new sites to buy data, their android application is currently WebView which is available on Google play store.

They currently don’t have their app on App store, this means that Iphone users are capable to visit only the website.


This is the final sites to buy data in a cheaper price on our list of today’s post.

On this vtu website, you can buy mtn sme data for as low as 214 per gig.

They have amazing and affordable price which is better than any other vtu website we mentioned above.

Their website also come with good and flexible user interface that make things easier.

Funding wallet, sending etc have a good calculator on this website.

The impact of these is to allow user to understand what they fund, how much they spent and how much is remaining.

This calculator is very essential for those who make a huge sales within a short period of time.

We cannot guarantee you anything on this website, because we have never been working with them.

Now that we have provided some vtu that offer their service with different patterns, you can use your common sense to select.

While selection, make sure you have made a projency selection that will make sense.

All the above sites to buy data are few among the others, there’s thousands of them in the internet.


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