How to view private number for free new way revealed

How to view private number new way revealed
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Sometimes you will have received a call from private number, hidden number or unknown caller, and willing to reveal or view the number of the caller.

In this post, we are going to tell you a simple step to view a private number that you may need to unleash.

What Is Private Number?

When we say private number we’re referring to an incoming call to your phone that you can not see the phone number of a callers.

Hidden number and or unknown number the another names given to the above subject matter.

When someone decided to call you will a phone number that they don’t want to reveal to for some reasons, they will use some tricks to hide.

It’s sometimes normal to receive a calls with private numbers or hidden numbers and still feel like not to worry for not seeing the contact of the caller.

But there’s a conditions that will force you or make you feel like you need to view the number of incoming calls with private numbers.

In this case you have come to the right place that will hive you a simple guidance on how to get the work done.

How To Hide Your Number

Hiding number is also setting your number to private number.

Mostly setting up your phone number to private is by going to phone call and click on call settings.

Click on advance or carrier features and select simcard if your phone support multi SIM.

You will see a caller id, select it and choose either to show or hide your number.

Remember if you select set by network your number will never be hide.

How to view private number new way revealed

The above procedures may differ depending on your type of phone.

How Do I Find a Hidden Phone Number or Private Number?

To find a hidden number you will need to follow the below steps.

Immediately after picking incoming call that comes with hidden number, try to record the call for at least 1 or more seconds.

If your phone is on auto call recording then you need to perform no action at this step.

After dropping a call, head to your file manager and locate a call recorder folder.

You can find it in File manager > Music > Call Recorder folder, but on some devices the location may be different.

Here in my device it’s located in File manager > PhoneRecord > Folder(a calling number).

Calling number in bracket means the folder has a name as the same number that you received a call as hidden.

Some devices save that call recording in a specific folder for each recorded call, while some save it in one folder.

The name of that recorded call will be the phone number that have been hide to call you.

Some devices will first start the folder name with the date and then follow by the phone number.

Example it may be like 120202370382*****, or just the phone number directly like 070382*****.

Note that the process may be different depending on the type of phone someone is using.

How to view private number for free new way revealed

Congratulations now we have view a private number that has been hide to call us.

This process is tested on Android phone, for those with other types of devices may find their own process different.

If you find it different from the above steps, feel free to drop comment with your phone type or send us a message using ourĀ Contact Us page and we give you process that will match your type.


How can I unhide my private number in Nigeria?

To unhide your phone number in Nigeria you need to enter a phone call, from the upper right hand side click the three dots or hamburger menu.

Click on carrier features, advanced settings or call settings depending on your type of phone.

Select simcard to wich you wish to unhide it’s number.

Click on additional settings, and then click on caller id.

From the available options, select show number or network default.

How to Remove My Number From Private Number on Iphone

In your Iphone go to Settings, click on Call, from the available options navigate to Show My Caller Id and switch it on.

Congratulations, you have romove your number from private number on Iphone.

Why Does My Phone Say Private Number When I Call Someone Android

Your call someone with your android and says private number, this means that your phone number is hidden.

All you need to do is to follow the above step of How can I unhide my private number to show your number.

How To Remove My Number From Private Number on Infinix

If you are Infinix user and find your phone number hidden, you need to follow the provided steps above to unhide it.

Why is My Phone Showing Private Number When I Call Someone

Because your phone number is set to be hidden, any device has an option to show or hide a caller id.

If you set your own to the show option it will display when you call someone, but if it’s set to hide it will never show up on calls.

It will always appear to be hidden number till you unhide it.

If you select set by network option still your phone number will be visible to those you are calling,

Because network will never set your call id to hiding number.


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