how to start a vtu business in nigeria a comprehensive guide

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What Is a Vtu (Virtual Top-Up) Business?

A VTU business in Nigeria is an act of selling recharge card or airtime, data subscription, Tv and cable subscription, bill payment etc, through the use of website in Nigeria.

VTU business in Nigeria consist of a VTU website with different techniques and API connections which include the use of sim hosting etc.

All VTU websites come with user dashboard and admin dashboard inorder to make interactions between users and admins easy and transparency.

Benefits of Vtu Business In Nigeria

VTU business in Nigeria is very beneficial especially for those who make a huge sale for the services they offer in their VTU website.

The following are some of the benefits of VTU business in Nigeria:

Low Startup Cost: Most of Business needs a big amount of money for the startup, but for VTU business it’s not like that.

If you have like ₦5000 you can opt in to The business by using API integration service. This is a process of creating an account on a VTU website with higher capital and served as API user.

By funding your wallet and use API to connect to your site, you can start selling all the available services on the master site to your user without having to have partnership with any telecommunication company.

Some websites offer a very cheaper amount for API users that will allow them to make profit out of it. If you wish to find one VTU website that offer API service which is reliable then give superjara a try.

how to start a vtu business in nigeria a comprehensive guide

High Profit Margin: since API users are capable of getting data, airtime and any other product offered on VTU website, this have provide a chance of life changer profit.

You will be buying data for as low as 214 to 217 as API user depending on the site you are connecting from, and later sell it from ₦250 upto ₦500 or even 1k which will drove you a high profit when completed a high number of sales a day.

Convenience: since vtu services are offered online, this make it possible for customers to buy from the comfort of their homes, offices, or any where they are without having to visit the vendors shop or office, and this make it convenient.

Good Support system: Many customers find it difficult contacting telecommunication companies like MTN when they have unsuccessful transmissions. With vtu website customers enjoy rapid customer service and can communicate with their mother tongue since the owners mostly are in the same location with the customers.

Job Creation: The VTU companies/websites always create a job opportunities since they will need workers such as sales representatives, customer service, technical support and developers.

This create a job opportunities for massive amount of people in the society.

How To Register As VTU Agent

Becoming a VTU Agent is in different ways depending on your capital, if you have a big amount of money to start with, you need to register with all the telecommunication companies like MTN, Airtel, 9mobile, and Glo before they can start selling data package for you.

The requirements for the registration included CAC certificate, SMEDAN, Tax Identification Number (TIN) etc.

After providing the above requirements with your company name, next thing you may need to do is visiting the nearest telecommunication office and request for partnership with them.

The company will provide you with all the necessary forms to fill and submit for licensing.

The second process require small amount of money like 5k and the money you will pay your developer to create an affiliate website for you.

This affiliate website will be serving under the API integration from any tvu vendor you wish to work with.

It doesn’t require CAC certificate and any other procedures before you can start. All you need to do is to create an account on your favorite vtu website and give it to your developer for API integration.


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