How to Grab free bonus with Mtn Momo agent

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To grab free bonus or more than 10k airtime on mtn you need to follow some steps or apply sone methods which we will explain in this post.

There are several offers mtn provide everyday to their users in order to allow them to grab free bonus.

In this post we are going to explain some ways to follow to enjoy this offers as mtn users.

Using Mtn Momo agent To Grab Free Bonus

With mtn Momo app, you will be able to grab free bonus of airtime after recharging small amount to your simcard.

There are some other methods you can use to enjoy this offers as mtn customer.

First of all, head to Google play store to download Momo agent and proceed to sign up.

After signing up, proceed to select airtime/data in the menu.

Select airtime, and select mtn4me to enjoy the massive bonus. You will grab free bonus of airtime according to what you recharge.

Example is that, if you recharge 200 naira you will enjoy upto 6k free bonus.

But if you wish to enjoy this offer with different method, here it’s.

Enjoy Momo Agent Ussd Code

If you cannot find the Momo Agent on play store or any other website, you have another option to access it with USSD.

Here are the USSD Codes and the functions they perform.

502*4*1*for with account number# to add money to your Momo Agent wallet.

*502*6* follow by your momo wallet pin# to view your balance.

*502**00*9*7# if you wish to seek for help from Momo Agent customer service.

Grab Free Bonus With Mtn Momo app

How to Grab free bonus with Mtn Momo agent

Mtn Momo app is different from mtn momo agent, this app is also another way to grab free Airtime bonus.

After downloading the app you should go ahead and sign up to create free account.

In the account menu select recharge  and select airtime in the next prompt, now from the resulting menu select mtn 8x bonus and enter amount and phone number to which you wanted to send this airtime.

With these you will receive 8x bonus of what you recharge. Example,

If you recharge ₦100 then your bonus will be 100×8 which is equal to 800.

Congratulations you have grab free bonus for mtn using momo app.

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