How to Get Started With Sim hosting: A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Get Started With Sim hosting: A Step-by-Step Guide
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what is sim hosting?

A Sim hosting is a process by which a vtu business vendor sells data on his website using his own sim card. A Sim hosting consists of buying data bundles from network providers such as mtn, airtel, 9mobile, or glo and connecting it to your website to sell directly using API connections.

Sim hosting is only useful for those who have vtu website and are willing to stop selling from any other APIs or websites so that they will the bosses themselves.

Sim hosting process includes buying a data bundle on a particular sim card, and use of a third-party website to access data on the simcard, and later using API to complete the connection to the final website where users made transactions.

sim hosting

From the above picture, we can see the process of sim hosting on any vtu website. Firstly we will use our simcard to buy a data bundle.

Secondly, we will buy a sim hosting server which we will use to get our sim card online in the sense that if a data request has been made it will be deducted from the hosted sim card.

Lastly, we will use an API connection to finish the sim card integration from the sim hosting server to our vtu website. And this is the full process involved in simhosting.

Advantages of vtu simhosting

For a vtu website owners, hosting a simcard is a great opportunity to earn more profit in a business. The reason behind saying this includes the difference that exists between wholesale and retail.

Below are some of the advantages of hosting a simcard for vtu business:

  • Getting a data bundle directly from network providers.
  • The data bundle is cheaper than that of API users.
  • failed transactions are traceable and re-processable.
  • The ability to calculate the profit made in all transactions is easy.

The disadvantage of using simhosting for vtu website

As we all know, each business has its pros and cons, here we will discuss the disadvantages of using simhosting for the vtu website.

We have already discussed the advantage of hosting a sim for vtu in the above section, now we are going to see what are the disadvantages of hosting a simcard for vtu business.

  • Hosting a simcard needs a huge amount of money which will be harder for small business owners to afford.
  • Hosting servers are so expensive, these will need more money to cover and it’s not easy for small business owners.
  • Some simhosting servers are not using cloud hosting for simcard which will require the active device that will be used to provide service for simcard.
  • Hosting a sim will reduce the profit of any bundle of data.
  • Different sim cards from different network providers are not easy to maintain.

How to Get Started With Sim hosting

To start your vtu sim hosting you have to select the right simhosting server, and here we will suggest for you because they have cloud features and will not need your sim card to be on a mobile device always before users buy data on your website.

the process includes registering on and submitting the API documentation to your developer so that he and the final touch of integration for you.

There are many websites out there that offer simhosting services such as smeplug, ussdhosting,, msplug, etc.

We have only suggested to you what we see is better for your good experience.


With the above information, we can understand that hosting a simcard is the process of buying data bundle from network providers like mtn Nigeria, airtel Nigeria, glo, and 9mobile and then using servers to link them to our vtu website to sell to our users using automated method.

We also understand that using simhosting needs a high volume of capital to cover all the expenses involved in the process starting from paying for hosting sim and buying bundles of data.

We finally learned that people with small capital will find it difficult to manage or afford simhosting in a proper situation.

If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to reach us using the below comment box or message us using our contact page. We always respond to user comments and messages within 48 hours.

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