How to get free 5gb data instantly in your simcard

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Free 5gb data from mtn to all their users in hot deal promo is now available.

Mtn users we are here to share this hot deal promo with you were you will earn mtn free 5gb data instantly after purchasing Tuesday awoof for you on my mtn app.How to get free 5gb data instantly in your simcard

Who Is Eligible For Mtn Free 5gb Data Plan?

This 5gb free data plan is not design for specific mtn users, it’s a free data plan that mtn rewarded all their users to surprise them.

Many users are complaining that they can’t see the free 5gb data plan on the purchase link while trying to subscribe to it.

This is because the mtn Free 5gb data is not available on the raw while navigating most of codes use to buy mtn data bundle such as *123*, *131*, *312*, etc.

To find this data plan you need to download MyMTNAPP from Google playstore or app store and or any other site you ha find easier to download the app.

How To Buy Mtn Free 5Gb Data Plan

For those who are using my mtn app, sign in to your application and navigate to hot deals for me tab, tap on it and start scratching the available offers till you see the option to buy 2gb for 500 and click on buy button.

You will be charged 500 naira for 5gb and MTN will rewarded you with additional 5gb data for free.

The process require one subscription, and all the data you have purchased using this method plus the free 5gb data are all valid for 2days only.

Please remember that this data offer is available on my mtn app only on Tuesday, the plan fall to Tuesday awoof.

If you wish to buy any other mtn data plans you are free to do it, but the free data will not follow the other plans.

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