How To Buy 1GB MTN for 200 Instantly

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To buy 1GB MTN for 200 naira is very mazing discount that mtn can offer for their customers, but many of us are not aware of this takeaway price for mtn.

Mtn have come up with something they call mtn4me which include many discount prices for data and airtime for the pleasure of their customers.

Before you can enjoy the offer to buy 1bg mtn for 200 you need to be an eligible for it.

How Be Eligible To BUY 1GB Mtn For 200

Mtn have their criterias they check before they make someone eligible for 1gb mtn for 200, these criterias are currently hidden by mtn.

The only thing we have study from mtn is that, they give this offer at a random to their customers, this means that there’s nothing you can do to be eligible for this offers.

In this post we can only tell you the customers that are not commonly enjoying the offers, and the reason why they are not enjoying it.

From the long term study we have learnt that mtn usually consider the kind of transaction of their customers to provide them offers according their method of their transactions.

Example, for customers that are recharging higher amount of airtime and buy bigger data bundles are mostly getting higher offers for data and airtime from mtn, while thus with lower transactions are likely to be eligible for the data and airtime offers with lower amount such as offer to buy 1gb mtn for 200 and buying 1.5gb mtn for 300 respectively.

Sometimes mtn can even give an offer to buy 200mb mtn for 50 naira for those that are not making too much and higher transactions with their Sim cards.

What Are The Criterias To Follow Before Being Eligible To Buy 1GB Mtn For 200

As we have made mentioned above, mtn have their criterias they check before they can give someone offer to buy 1gb mtn for 200.

But still there is one thing you can do to grab this offer from mtn, this thing is to remove the sim card you are wish to grab the offer on for at least 2 to 4 weeks without putting it back and later check.

With the above process we have keep enjoying this offers from mtn for over 2 years.

How To Buy 1gb Mtn For 200

Since we have cover all the process of being eligible for this offer, now it’s time to check the eligibility and buy the data using the offer.

To buy 1gb for 200 dial *121*1# and follow the prompt to complete the subscription.

If you cannot find the exact offer you are looking for then dial *121# and select data4me to complete the subscription, if what you are looking for is not available, then dial *567# to check if it can available there.

How To Buy 1GB MTN for 200 Instantly

If all the above steps didn’t work, you need to check our post on how to buy mtn 1gb for 200 on mymtn app.

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