Creating Android Application in Appcreator24

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In our previous post we discussed creating a simple app in appcreator24, today we are going to continue with our next tutorial which is designing an application in appcreator24. This tutorial is the continuation, if today is your first visit please refer to paylab vtu script nulled free download tutorial to fully understand this tutorial.

After creating our app in appcreator24 with different sections, now we are going to design our app so that it will have a better layout and appearance.

To do so click on the design tab from the side menu and select the menu type option which will open a card containing different types of menus. In our case, select the table menu and the other options will appear where you should design the menu to the exact way you wanted it to look.

Designing Application in Appcreator24

After choosing the table menu, in the resulting menus, you will have to select custom from the drop-down after selecting the style.

Now edit the background color and its gradient for this menu. Set the title color and the title background, and tick the bold check box to bolden the section titles so that they may look big on any device.

After setting up the above options, go down and set the options as they appear in the below table.

Center menu: yes
the number of columns: 2
The gap between columns: maximum
Load animation: yes
Show sections title: yes
Center titles: yes
Round corners: yes
menu style table

After setting all the options as shown in the above table, you should then choose the second option from the menu structure so that the title will appear below each section icon.

Finally Click on the save button and continue to download, install and run your app to see what it looks like, below is what our app looks like. I\’m sure if you too have a number of sections in your app and follow all the described steps it will look nice as in our case.

I know now you will notice some differences between my app and yours, the reason is the general style and colors.

To update the general style and colors of your app, click on the design option from the sidebar and select colors, now change the style to custom, and edit the below options to your desired color combinations so your app will look nice and better.

Now that we have designed the general style and colors of our app, the next this is to add a welcome message to our app so that when a user installs and tries to open our app, we will then welcome them with a greeting message so that they will feel happy using our app.

To do so, click on general info from the sidebar and select launch message. From the resulting menu, enter the title of your greetings and proceed to the next box where you will write whatever you wanted to say to your users and save, this is a message that will pop up anytime a new user tries to access your app.

We have now successfully created our simple app using appcreator24, in our next tutorial we are going to discuss how to create a storybook in appcreator24.

If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to drop your comment or reach us via our contact page.

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