best 5 website to buy cheap data in nigeria

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best 5 website to buy cheap data in nigeria means the list of some vtu website that offer the cheapest price for data, airtime, bill payment, cable subscriptions, and exam tokens.

Since the emergence of vtu business in Nigeria from the past few years, people start searching the internet to locate the best website to buy cheapest data in Nigeria.

In this tutorial, we have go deeply into investigation and find out best 5 website to buy cheap data in nigeria which we believe will be helpful to those who are looking for a way to buy a cheapest data to surf the net easily.

Before we start our list, let us know the variety of data bundles in all networks in Nigeria starting from MTN, Airtel, GLO, and 9mobile,.

Data bundles are divided into different categories or parts in all networks. In MTN we have mtn sme data, we have mtn cooporate gifting, mtn direct gifting, mtn gifting, etc.

While in other networks we have cooporate gifting which is the bundle that is used the most.

Below is best 5 website to buy cheap data in nigeria for all networks:

Smartspeed telecommunication is a one of the best website that sell data and airtime in Nigeria, it’s among the best website that sell data bundle in affordable price.

best 5 website to buy cheap data in nigeriasmar smartspeed : best 5 website to buy cheap data in : best 5 website to buy cheap data in nigeria

Smartspeeddata offer a good and ideal price in all data bundles but it’s Airtel price is not comparable. Smartspeeddata sell 1GB of Airtel data at the rate of 200 naira for smart users while 195 for api and top users.

Apart from this, smartspeeddata also offer cool rate in all the other bundles of all networks. Mtn sme data, mtn cooporate gifting dada, Glo data, and 9mobile data are all provide in a cheapest price in smartspeeddata.


Sometimes we may need to see somewhere to buy cheapest data but our bundle of choice is Cooporate gifting, in this case thechosendata is the best website to buy the service.

Thechosendata is considered to be the best among the others in offering good and reliable services. We will like to give our visitors good suggestion that will make them happy.

The reason behind doing this is to help our users with the best useful and cheapest to do their subscriptions with low rate.


Bardedata is another vtu website that offer all services in affordable rate that will suite users need. Sometimes users find it difficult to locate a site that offer affordable rate.

In this case we are suggesting bardedata because all services on this website including data, airtime, cable subscription, bill payment, exam tokens etc are sell at low and affordable price.

One interesting thing about this vtu website is their flexibility and suitability in the sense that if any transaction fail then user will be refunded automatically.


Superjara is one of the best vtu portal that exist for a long period of time and offer considerable price for data and airtime. Many users are rating this website with 5 stars base on it’s suitability.

Superjara offer sme data at the cost of 215, while for the airtel data they sell it at the rate of 200 naira only, with these we can see that superjara is one among the best vtu website we have in nigeria.

The last but no the list is munadata, this website is consider to be the best among the others in the sense that any user that use their referral link will will be able to make alot of money to buy data for free.

Munadata is using one referral system that sound good, and this is how it works. If you refer a friend to their website, you will be earning 10 naira from any 1GB transaction he made, which will earn you alot of money depending on the transactions made.

With that referral bonus you can start buying data without funding your wallet or add it to what you onready funded so that you buying alot.

Lastly we have seen the list of best 5 website to buy cheap data in nigeria and i hope that they will be usefull to all of us.

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