Android vs iphone who will instantly win the race at the end?

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Why Android User and Iphone Users Always Compete?

When it comes to Android vs Iphone, we can not decide who will win the race despite the fact that all of the operating systems will keep winning for what they are best for.

Android Users always share a positive feedback on how they enjoy using the operating system, while on the other hand the Iphone users share the same.

We will never underestimate the power of each of these two competitive industries, but time will.

The Main reason for the competition between Iphone users and Android users is nothing but human habit on competition.

When two lines are parallel but still provide the same service, which ever line you decided to follow will finally give you a satisfaction, with these we can say that Android vs iphone perform the same task like each other.

Similarities Between Iphone and Android

Android vs iphone who will win the race at the end?

The general functions for smartphone are all the similarities between Android and Iphone these include:

Making a Calls and Sending Text: Making calls and sending messages  is a common features found in both Android and Iphone, this is a general features that each and every mobile device will have.

Internet Access and Browsing Features: Both Android and Iphone Users are enjoying internet Access and Browsing Features on their devices because it’s a general feature and exist in all the smartphone.

Photo and Video: The features of taking pictures using front and rear camera is available for Both operating systems, the only thing is that the capability of cameras from Iphone and Android seems to be little bit different since they are not using the same technology their cameras.

Storage: In Both Android and Iphone there’s what we call RAM and ROM which serve as storage to store all the necessary files, applications, and media.

The only thing is that some of Iphone devices are not coming with external memory features because they have enough space built-in with them, and the same thing with some of the Android phones aswell.

In a nut shell, we can see that there’s many features that are similar to each other between Android and Iphone, next we will dive into the difference between Android vs Iphone.

Android vs Iphone the differences

While looking for the similar features of Android and Iphone, it’s important also to looks for their differences as we can see below:

The open-source nature in Android allowed developers to create several apps with full freedom, while Iphone limited such to their company only.

The Iphone’s closed system emphasize more on security and privacy protection which make it parallel to that of Android, even though the Android users also have their way of ensuring security and privacy protection.

There’s mony more difference between Android and Iphone but all you need to do is progeny selection while buying your smartphone.

Most of the Iphone users are enjoying system of privacy security in the sense that even if their phone is missing or stolen, no one can have access to their data.

In the other hand, iPhone users are enjoying camera for shooting pictures and videos which provide a well clear picture and videos.

For Android users, they enjoy the ability of installing unlimited number of apps from Google playstore and out side playstore since it’s an open source.

Android users also enjoy high quality phone and videos shooting, but not like that of iphone users.

If an android user is willing to enjoy high quality photos and videos, he needs to spend alot of money to buy a flagship device, but apart from that Android device with lower rate can perform many operations.

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