5 Best places to learn online: all new skills revealled

5 Best places to learn online: all new skills revealled
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Sometimes you may need to acquire new skills, but having a tutor became a problem. In this tutorial, we will discuss the 5 best places to learn online.

Learning will always be the essential aspect that changes human life, developing new skills also leads to new opportunities. Below is a list of some sites that will help you learn online for free.


5 Best places to learn online: all new skills revealled

This is one of the 5 best places to learn online, and the most interesting thing about this website is that all the courses on it are free; no subscription or payment is required to access the courses.

On phpbuddy, you will learn PHP tutorials from zero to hero without spending a penny. Apart from PHP, you will also learn a little HTML, Javascript, and CSS on the site.

Since phpbuddy has arranged its courses from simple to complex, this means that you can learn PHP from zero to hero even without coding experience.

phpbuddy courses are easy to understand and will help beginners acquire programming skills easily in a short period of time.


5 Best places to learn online: all new skills revealled

PHP the Right Way is another website to learn for free online, it’s among the 5 best places to learn online.

This website is designed for those who are ready to learn PHP, the courses on this site are free as it is in phpbuddy.

Phprightway has come up with a good pattern to teach PHP programming which is designed to help novices on their to growing into professionals.

Users will get access to premium courses for free on phprightway, by completing the PHP courses on this website you will entitle to be a full-stack developer of PHP.


5 Best places to learn online: all new skills revealled

Killerphp is a learning site that we most include in the list of 5 best places to learn online. The reason behind these is that, their courses include video tutorial in which free aswell.

To be sincere, learning on killerphp need little experience. Our recommendation is to start taking phpbuddy courses first and later proceed to killerphp.

The idea behind this is that the user will have ability to aquire knowledge from zero to hero ( from simple to complex ).


Learn-php is an online portal to learn and get certified, even though they offer some free tutorials but their certified courses are premium that require payment.

Despite the subscription service included in this site, but we can still consider them in our 5 Best places to learn online because their premium courses are good for learners.

Learn-php offer php and phyton tutorial that is aim to build individual skills to level up to professional developer.

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Htmldog as the name implies it’s a learning website that offer courses base on HTML, css, and JavaScript.

The difference between htmldog and above listed tutorial sites is content, there is no php courses here but the above listed.

All Htmldog courses are free for everyone with simple explained tutorial process.

What you will learn in htmldog is how to create a webpages using HTML, add design to them with CSS, and add some behavior functionalities to them with JavaScript.

If you really wanted to start your website design tour, you better start with htmldog courses before you proceed to any other website inorder to learn on the right path.

Bonus sites

After all, we will now give you more suggestions which is considered to be a bonus.

The following sites offer a free and premium courses that will help you boost your skills

  • ¬†Home and learn is a website that offer a free premium courses to learn website design ranging from HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, vt.net, C#, etc. They also offer computer courses and much more all for free.
  • W3 school is a learn and practice website were you can put all what you learn into practice using the try it your self console. It’s also a free premium place to learn unlimited skills online.
  • Tutorial point is another learning portal that offer free and paid courses that come up with certificate, they also give certificate to those who finish their premium courses.

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