1GB for 200 mtn, 1GB for 200 Airtel: all secrets revealed

1GB for 200 mtn, 1GB for 200 Airtel: all secrets revealed
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1GB for 200 mtn, 1GB for 200 Airtel

Buying data in cheapest rate is very sweet, here is how to buy 1GB for 200 mtn, 1GB for 200 Airtel: all secrets revealed for free.

Nigerian telecommunication companies always offer some data deals for their users.

There data deals are not for everyone, they are for lucky users only.

There’s a random selection made by mtn Nigeria, Airtel Nigeria, Glo Nigeria, or 9mobile to share this type of offer.

Sometimes you don’t need to do anything before qualifying for the offer, while sometimes you will need to do some certain activities to grab data offer.


MTN 200 for 2GB code for 7 days

Many people are searching the internet to find mtn 200 for 2gb codes for 7 days but the trust is that, mtn offer 200 for 2gb 7 days sometimes for 30 days.

But the easiest way to get access to this kind of offers is by receiving the offer notification from mtn through SMS or my mtn app.


MTN 200 for 1GB code for 30 days

To buy 1GB 200 for mtn is very important for mtn users, mtn select some of its users to give them a special offers which will enable them to buy cheap data.

If mtn reveal this codes they sometimes work for everyone. Sometimes they share a coupon code for mtn free data.

To buy MTN 1GB for 200 dial *121# and select data for me option.

If you are not able to see the right offer for you in that section you will need to dial *567# and try your luck.

200 for 1GB Airtel for 7 days

1GB for 200 mtn, 1GB for 200 Airtel: all secrets revealed

Airtel offer 1GB for 200 as mtn did, but the process for buying it differ.

200 for 1GB Airtel for 7 days also is base on selected users not for everyone.

You will need to check if you are qualified for this offer by dialing code provided by Airtel.

To check if you are eligible for Airtel 1GB 200 dial  *430# and follow prompt, or you can dial *430*3*3#  grab this offer easily.

If you dial the above codes and still you never see the offer, meaning that you are not qualified for the offer.

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MTN special data offer Code

Mtn special data offer Code are codes that are use in buying 1GB for 200 mtn, 1.5 GB for 300 mtn, etc.

The codes are the same with the above codes for buying 1GB for 200 mtn which is *121#, or *121*1#, or *567#. All these codes are used to access mtn special data offer.

Is not only this codes you can use to enjoy myn special data offer, using my MTN app will also give you that opportunity.

MTN 1GB for 300

Mtn Nigeria provide a plan of 1GB 300 to allow users to enjoy low rate data services.

Buying this plan is different from the above codes for buying mtn special data offer.

To buy mtn 1GB for 300 dial  *123# and select a data plan, then weekly and you will see this plan if available for your line.

By dialing *131# or in my mtn app you can also be able to purchase mtn 1GB for 300

mtn 1.5gb for 300 code nairaland

Mtn have provide a promo data bundle for those who miss their simcards and wish to go for welcome back .

Mtn welcome back plan is in two ways, either 1GB for 200 mtn, or mtn 1.5gb for 30 days.

In nairaland, some experts have write enough on this bundle. 

Cracking egg on my mtn app will help you enjoy this service, or you can try *567#/*121# and enjoy the service if you have did a welcome back for your simcard.

This offer will last for upto 90days after your sim swap. 

Why am I not eligible for MTN 200 for 1GB

Sometimes you may check my mtn app or dial the 1GB for 200 mtn codes but you will realize that the offers aren’t available in the list.

By not seeing the offer means that you are not available. I know you can still ask Why am I not eligible for MTN 200 for 1GB?

The reason is that, mtn give this offers to random people base on their opinion, and there’s no rule of law that will force them to share it to everyone.

The solution to not seeing the promo in your list is to keep exercising patient until the que have come to you.

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